Wellbeing Day, Saturday September 6th 2014

Join us for Wellbeing Day this year at St Aidan’s School, Corinda, Brisbane. We are so looking forward to seeing you there! This year we have 2 keynote speakers, 24 workshops, live music, massage, and real coffee!

Below is a list of our workshops. Download the brochure for more information and information on how to register, or you can just download the Registration Form.

For more information about Wellbeing Day, including subsidized fees, travel and accommodation, please call our registration staff at (07) 3217-2728 or email us at registration@aplacetobelong.org.au.

What’s happening at Wellbeing day

Our keynote speakers this year

Helen Glover: Making Meaning


When we can’t find the meaning of the experiences in our lives, we get stuck. How do we make meaning for ourselves in a way that enables us to thrive, reclaim our lives, and move forward?

Daryl Green: Learning Resilience – A Personal Perspective


Daryl will speak about the impact of a traumatic event in his life.
He will seek to define resilience,and explore what helped him recover.


Morning Workshops

1. Recovery Adventures – for all the family
2. Understanding the underlying issues behind addiction:
3. Eating issues and coping strategies to strengthen your healthy self
4. Network Development
5. How to Help Your Brain
6. Mental Health for Seniors
7. Mindfulness
8. Yoga – for Wellness and Balance
9. Minding your own Medications
10. Expressing our authentic heart
11. Energized Relaxation
12. “Keeping ‘community’ in our ‘community organisations’

Afternoon Workshops

13. Going deeper in our work
14. Changes in the mental health sector
15. Maintaining health and commitment in the face of challenges
16. Out of the office and into community – managing boundaries in our work
17. Mental health challenges for refugees
18. PATH
19. Working for Wellness
20. Food and its impact on our health and wellbeing
21. Shifting from using alcohol and other drugs as coping strategies to something more positive
22. Energized Relaxation
23. Anxiety
24. Mental health intervention and the role of police

Register now

Download the brochure (coming soon) or registration form.