You can get involved with A Place to Belong in one of three ways:

  • Volunteer with us
  • Donate
  • Work with us

Volunteer with us

A Place to Belong is on a constant search for open-hearted people who want to provide welcome and inclusion for someone who is experiencing life on the edge.

What volunteers might do:

  • One volunteer regularly goes with someone to the museum or art gallery when there are shows on.
  • Another person helps provide transport for a person to community events.
  • Another welcomes a person to her home for cups of coffee and occasional meals.
  • “I volunteer because it gives me a feeling of contributing and helping others”
  • “I meet up with Jill from time to time. I love to hear her laugh when we go out for a coffee. We talk about life and how things are going”
  • There are many simple and ordinary ways that people in community can provide welcome and inclusion.

Contact us to discuss volunteering with A Place to Belong.


If you would like to donate or make a bequest to any of our programs, please Contact us or select the PayPal donation button below.

If you choose to donate online, you will receive a receipt for your donation as soon as possible.


Work with us

Occasionally A Place to Belong looks for new workers to assist in our programs.

The primary qualifications are:

  • to be able to respect and honour people who have experienced marginalisation in our society
  • to believe in the value and potential of community relationships
  • to be able to listen and get alongside someone who might have very different life experience from you

To register your interest, please contact us.