Service user assessment

As part of its commitment to regularly review the work of A Place to Belong, the 2011-2012 Service User Assessment has been completed.

A Place to Belong would like to thank all the people who contributed to our sevice user assessment.  As many of you would know, we regularly try to talk to people who access A Place to Belong (APTB) about  how we are doing  and anything we might need to improve on.  Two consultants, Jane Sherwin and Lynda Shevellar, conducted our evaluation this year by spending time with the people we serve, seeking to find out “Are we (APTB) making a difference in people’s live?”  According to their final report, the answer is a resounding “YES”.

At the March Guiding Group, Jane and Lynda shared their findings and encouraged discussion.  What they said was that the people they met were better off for their assistance from APTB, and in fact the absence of APTB would be harmful to their wellbeing.  The only minor area for improvement that people raised was in communication with our office.  Our admin team will do some thinking about how we can improve in this area.

There were ten themes identified from the conversations that showed how APTB had made a difference in people’s lives.  These themes were: fidelity, being safe, the worker-person relationship, felicity and fellowship, expanding the identity, equipping people to have a typical community life, freely given relationships, finding places that are welcoming, ensuring that complaints are responded to, and individual advocacy.  Some of the people reported that they felt that the difference that APTB was making in people’s lives was in the direction of recovery.  Jane and Lynda congratulated APTB on these strengths.

Thanks to everyone who gave their time and shared their ideas and experiences so honestly.