Reading and writing group

Don’t just get to read and write, learn to RAW!

I thought, “I’ve never learned to read and write before so why should I be able to now? but it opened up a whole new world.”

A Place to Belong coordinates a Reading and Writing Group RAW for people who want to develop their literacy, numeracy, computer or life skills. Some people with mental health challenges or learning difficulties cannot access mainstream educational sources such as TAFE and vocational training. This group is aimed at meeting their needs.

We work with students to increase their opportunities for participation and belonging in the community. They are encouraged to pursue their own learning goals. Some of the goals of students include:

  • “I want to learn to count and use money and get change so that I won’t be ripped off.”
  • “I want to learn to write my name.”
  • “I want to learn to use the Refidex so I can help my Dad navigate.”
  • “I want to learn maths and numbers to help me at work.”
  • “It means a lot to me to be able to write my story and to improve my writing and computer skills.”

There are two groups. One meets at on Monday at the Mt Gravatt District Community Centre, 1693 Logan Road, Upper Mt Gravatt.  The other meets on Tuesday at 69 Thomas Street West End.

Contact us

If you would like more information please call Damian on 3217 2522 or email him at

Our Ebooks

  • Michael Kevill presents a short story about the freedom of travelling to our Reading Group.

Nobody owns anyone

  • Christine Wall gave this presentation about art and mental health at Recovery Day 2012.

Christine art and recovery 2012