Our history

A Place to Belong began as an action research project back in 1994. The Anglicare Mental Health Project, as it was called then, carried out workshops, interviews and seminars around South-East Queensland. It sought to understand how the process of inclusion (or exclusion) works for people who have encountered mental health difficulties. From this project, the idea for the organisation now called A Place to Belong was born.

In 2000, A Place to Belong secured recurrent state government funding to carry out community inclusion work in Brisbane. Later A Place to Belong began recovery-based intensive support for people who live with complex disabilities. More recently a literacy and numeracy and computer skills program has been added. A Place to Belong has continued to develop the models and approaches that are central to community inclusion work.

Over time, the work has expanded to include training in inclusion for managers and workers around Queensland and beyond. A Place to Belong has also coordinated recovery training days and other community training opportunities for people who want to learn more about inclusion and mental health.

The vision now is to continue practising, modeling and providing strategic influence in community inclusion in the mental health and disability sectors.