Educational & training resources

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Restoring the relevance of service provision to people’s lives: a personal and professional reflection
Helen Glover 2013

Whose Plan is it Anyway? Using Service Planning to Support Personal Recovery and Self-Direction
Helen Glover and Helena Roennfeldt for Queenland Alliance for Mental Health Inc.

Facilitating Community Spaces for Inclusion
Describes some key principles.

What does it take, and what gets in the way, for people who are feeling isolated?
These reflection questions provide an opportunity for you or someone you support to live a fuller and more rewarding life in the community.

Foundational Assumptions for a Community Connector

Strategies for Community Connection
19 strategies for encouraging community
© A Place to Belong: An Anglicare Mental Health Network

Understanding Belonging – The Iceberg Model
“What makes life powerful is all that lies beneath…”

Discovering a Person’s Gifts
A process for discovering gifts, interests and capacities.

What Can I Do? Bridging the Gap in Community Connections
Clues for community connecting.

Belonging in the Community
Inclusion: How can it be encouraged?
© A Place to Belong

Changing our ways of thinking about adults with disabilities
“How people are treated can depend on how they are seen and what roles and expectations are put on them”
Jeff Strully.
DSQ Resource Paper, October 2000, Brisbane.

This work is more art than science
O’Connell, M. 1988. The Gift of Hospitality: Opening the Doors of Community Life to People with Disabilities. Centre for Urban Affairs and Policy Research. North-western University. Illinois.