Community initiatives

Support groups

A Place to Belong can offer a range of assistance, including leadership training and group training, for people who want to develop support groups around a specific topic in mental health.

We have assisted people in the past to start up these initiatives:

  • Women’s mental health group
  • Self harm support group
  • Carers’ support group
  • Companion support group
  • Story sharing groups

Our network provides training for these groups and supports leadership on an as needs basis.

Contact us if you are interested in training or support to start an initiative in your community.

Stories from A Place to Belong

In 2007/08 A Place to Belong ran a national community awareness raising project called Stories from A Place to Belong. Three audio stories were produced, in which we hear five people tell their stories, in their own words, of how their lives have been shaped by their experiences with mental illness and learning disabilities.

Gem, Rach, Holly, Carmel and Gavin all worked closely with radio producer Hamish Sewell to record and create their stories. These powerful sound pieces have been exhibited in the Museum of Brisbane exhibition ‘Remembering Goodna’ and featured on Radio National’s Radio Eye.

Listen to the stories now.

Stories from A Place to Belong had the generous support of Brisbane City Council, the Queensland Alliance and ABC Radio National.

Carmel’s West End

This feature length radio program explores the way in which people both shape and are shaped by their community and their surrounds. Brisbane’s West End is undergoing rapid change, as urban development threatens to erase the rich history and stories of this area. During her lifetime, Carmel and others like her struggled to make sense of this change, and to hold onto the place they knew and belonged to.

It was Carmel’s connection to West End which became our aural and imaginative compass in this program, as we journeyed on foot through its streets and laneways, and encountered locals and stories of a place deeply etched into the wider history of Brisbane.

Carmel had a difficult childhood, which led to years of alcoholism and drug abuse, and she came to live with a learning disability. Her recovery was inextricably tied to her sense of belonging and place within the West End community, where she lived and worked. Shadowing Carmel in this program are the echoes and memories of a multitude of local folk from the present and the past, creating a soundscape of West End in all it’s chaos, candour and colour.

Program produced for ABC Radio National by: Hamish Sewell.
Technical producer: Steven Tilley.
Original music by: Linsey Pollak

This project is supported by Q150

This program was broadcast on Hindsight on Sunday 27 September 2009 and repeated on Thursday 1 October at 1:00pm.

Brisbane to Cairns Bicycle Ride – “Go the Journey Together”

In July 2005, cyclist Steve James rode from Brisbane to Cairns with a small group of riders to raise awareness and funds for mental health in Australia. Coordinated by A Place to Belong, the aim of this project was to engage with local community members, schools, representatives from business, members of local groups and people who experience mental health problems and thereby:

  • provide a reflective and hopeful message about mental health
  • promote concepts of recovery, growth and wellness
  • invite people to move towards inclusive and welcoming responses to the 1 in 5 Australians who will experience a mental health problem.

The ‘Go the Journey Together’ bike ride was kindly supported by Education Queensland, Disability Services Queensland, Eli Lilly, Cooroy Spring Water Company, Lifecycle at Normanby and Minter Ellison.