New journal article about RAW group


The journal Literacy and Numeracy Studies published by the University of Technology, Sydney has recently published an article about the Reading and Writing Group at A Place to Belong.

The article is called “He was learning to read, but he wasn’t learning to live :Socially inclusive learning in a community setting”  by Greg Marston of QUT and Jeffrey Johnson-Abdelmalik .

The link to the journal article

Toni’s ‘Gratitude’ practice points!

Toni Powell gave an inspiring presentation on Gratitude and Mental Health during a recent Sunday workshop. In concluding, Toni provided some simple strategies to put into practise:



  • Each day for a week, or preferably a month, hand-write a thank-you note or letter to someone who is contributing to your life, or who has in the past.
  • First thing in the morning, think of one good thing to look forward to or reflect on something positive that happened at night before sleep. Perhaps write in a journal about it.
  • Take one photo each day of something you can feel grateful for – look around and select things that are not all that obvious.