A Riddle: What is it?

It isn’t a trip to Dreamworld, although some dreams do come true here,
It isn’t a building, although sometimes it’s in one,
It isn’t a club or a meeting, although meetings do happen here,
It isn’t an emergency room, although some small crises (and some big ones) occur daily,
It isn’t a bandaid, or a pill, or a rescue package,
It’s not on Facebook, or Twitter, as far as I know,
It isn’t a sermon, or a congregation, although people talk, and others listen,
It isn’t a day program, or a detention centre for recent maritime arrivals,
It isn’t a casino, or Westfield Shopping Town,
It’s not a cult, but it has a charismatic leader, or two, or three…
So, what is it?

If it were a game, it would be the Ungame,
If it were a music ensemble, it would be the choir of hard knocks,
If it was a colour, it might be green,
If it was a TV show, it would be Friends, or even Neighbours,
If it was a feeling, it would be the complete spectrum from misery to joy, because they are all important,
If it was a flower, it would be a desert rose,
If it was a carbon footprint, it would be very small,
If it was a painting, it would be a Jackson Pollock,
If it was an animal, it would be a unicorn,
If it was a place to shop, it would be the West End Markets,
If it was a personality type, it would be a sensitive introvert,
If it was a celebration, it would be Christmas in July,
So, what is it?

It’s an idea.
A very big, and very optimistic idea. A huge idea.
It’s an idea in the minds of those of us who already know the answer to the riddle.
In fact, although its not Dreamworld, it is a dream of a better world.
And guess what – we are all helping to build it right now.
So, what is it?

It’s a place to feel safe,
A place to feel connected,
A place to be real,
A Place to Belong.

Claire Edwards 2012